Inspiration Monday: #002

scarves by shabna featuring plaid scarves
There are multitudes of these massive scarves around - even in Primark. The Zara & Pull&Bear ones seem gorgeous but you can get the exact item for a fraction of the price on eBay and Primark - so do your research! They look great with simple outfits, and if you buy a statement one it can easily jazz up your outfit!



I'm working on doing this to my room, I think bed curtains are so dreamy! Add fairy lights and you have yourself a gorgeous little nook. The official way to do it is to buy bed-curtain rods and install to your ceiling - but you could easily fashion one with a bit of DIY and a ladder! Get creative! Now that I don't have Uni, my room is reserved for rest and sleep so I want to make it as cosy as possible! (I have a room tour coming up soon!)



Mmmmm I love knitwear. And I'm loving the slouchy numbers I'm seeing on the highstreet. Can't wait to invest in a few pieces. Go for colours like black, white, grey and other neutrals so they can be paired with any outfit. And if you live in the UK then remember that this can be worn all year round too due to our unpredictable weather!

Staying Organised

Organisation is one of the biggest life lessons you should learn - because you can honestly use it anywhere. I found being organised integral to school, sixth form, University and now my job. In this day and age, procrastination  is inevitable. It's difficult to ignore and with the vast world of the Internet at our fingertips - there's no way we'll get board of procrastinating. SO for this - you MUST STAY ORGANISED. Here are my top tips!

1. To-Do lists

I freaking love to-do lists. Start your day by opening up your diary or special to-do list pad and jot down all the things you need to do. It can be as random as possible - from the food you need to eat to the meeting you need to attend. Or it can be more specific, maybe just your work items or school items. Prioritise as you need to, we are all different. I personally mainly put work items, any phone calls, any e-mails etc! Then try and complete all your tasks for the day. Simples :)

2. A Diary

I've always loved diaries, from a young age. I think they're so pretty and I used to dream of owning one like the one Mia has from The Princess Diaries. All fancy and girly and quite ostentatious. But I was awful at keeping up with diaries - I'd always get lazy at filling them in. I'm actually very lazy at writing in general, I read very, very quickly and of course my hand can't write as quickly as my brain is reading out what to write - therefore I get frustrated and bored pretty easily. Strange brain. Nonetheless I now have a weekly planner by Moleskine and I make it a priority to fill it in and pencil every single event in - even my workouts!  I really want to get a Filofax next year - especially after seeing all of these! If you're not a fan of diaries or writing then make use of the Calendar app on your phone or download a planner app (there are multitudes) and stay organised through there.

3. A Desk Planner

This isn't completely necessary but it's great for Uni when you wake up and you just want to quickly see what's going on today. It's like a normal calendar but specifically for the week. I got the above one from Paperchase and they have loads of other designs. After that week you just rip the page off and plan the next week! Great way to see an overview of your plans for the coming week.

4. Prioritise

I can't give much advice on this as it's up to you to prioritise appropriately. Your studies/full-time job should come quite high but remember to add in some fun things to really balance your life out. It's crazy how quickly you can feel overworked. I love organising my workouts throughout the week too!

Do you guys have any more tips?

Inspiration Monday: #001

The first ever instalment of Inspiration Monday! Hope you all enjoy and look forward to these every week :-) Give me your feedback!


Since watching The Roman Holiday this summer I was suddenly drawn to the idea of a midi skirt. There's something beautifully feminine about a sleek top half and a massive pouffy skirt to counteract it. They look so classic and with high heels you're bound to have an effect on everyone. New Look, H&M and ASOS have some great options! Buy a tulle underskirt for extra va-va-voom too!

I've been following Kayla Itsines for maybe a year now and was always blown away by the transformations she shared of her clients. Their bodies went through such massive change, I was gutted that I didn't live in Australia! Worries be gone - she released a Bikini Body Guide and it is hell fashioned into an e-book. It's definitely not for the fainthearted and you have to be determined to get through the workouts - but damn do they work. I'm already getting stronger! I started a few months ago but stopped so I'm starting again now and just finished Week 1. I really need to get the diet in check and then hopefully I see results! I definitely recommend this to you all though. If you're unsure about the price, download the free trial and just fashion your own workout plan from that. Change the moves, up the reps and get going!

I saw this picture of Lucy Hale's ponytail on Instagram and FELL IN LOVE. I love ponytails and this is such a gorgeous, unique way of doing it. Thankfully our Lord and Saviour - The Beauty Department came up with a tutorial and I cannot wait to try it today. Let me know if any of you give it a go!

September is a New Year

Hello old readers and new. I have to say I've honestly missed being excited at publishing something and waiting for some comments from you lovely lot. I've been ridiculously busy and also just a bit hesitant to blog. I feel like the blogging industry has shifted massively and not in a good way. A lot of blogs I read nowadays are so transparent and are so obviously doing it for the perks and because of this there's huge competition everywhere I look. This has put me off it all for the past few months but now I feel content.

I've started my job and I am absolutely loving it. The office is beautiful, everyone is incredibly kind and I've been truly spoilt. I feel that this blog should go nicely alongside my job - as a little release from all the code and tech! I hope you will stay alongside me on this new journey!

I have quite a few things planned - for example on Mondays there will be an INSPIRATION feature so you can start your week off motivated and refreshed. It will include outfits, blogs, fitness, quotes etc so that should be fun for me to put together each week!

Another is WEDNESDAY WISHLISTS! I used to love making wishlists and I want to get back into it now. I think a salary is very dangerous for me as there's a huge chance I will just blow in all on things I want - but hopefully it'll just be you guys doing that :D

Hope you're all doing well - let me know what you're all up to! Also leave your blog links so I can come stalk you guys :)