Shades of Grey

Poncho - Accessorize
Pinafore Dress - Primark
Necklace - Dustydiamonds
Boots - Primark

I have been in love with ponchos this month and this one really stood out to me. Accessorize have quite a few colours and they come with this removable fur collar too which is perfect for the colder months. I love the pattern and colours as it's quite neutral and it's so comfy to wear! You basically get to wear your blanket out so....I'm hooked.

I want to apologise for the awful quality of the photos. It was really sunny but the photos still came out horribly dark - anyone have any SLR tips? It bugs me a lot, my room is well lit but the photos still come out as if I took them in the shade :(

Let me know what you think of the outfit! :)

Rouge Louboutin

Penned as one of the most expensive nail polishes I was luckily gifted this beautiful Nail Polish by someone close. The bottle alone is enough to send me into a daze - it's a show stopper. With the super long, pointy top (inspired by the heel of the Ballerina Ultima) and the faceted bottle, it definitely makes a statement. If I ever finish it (I will cry) I will definitely carry on using it as a paperweight.

I have to admit - the nude colours did tempt me, but if I'm going to own a Louboutin polish I should really go for the classic red. The shade is perfect - a timeless red that suits all skin tones. And the actual polish is gorgeous, one coat can easily be enough but I settle for two. I haven't got shots of it on my hand as I'm getting a mani next week -I'll definitely pop a few photos up on my Instagram.

ALDO Parella Backpack + outfit!

I'm sure you all remember me crying about losing out on this bag as it sold out and buying a New Look replacement (which is currently on sale on my depop! Search SCHEINE!) However it's finally back in stock and I decided to treat myself on my first payday. It's gorgeous quality and so spacious, it even fits my Macbook Pro and all my other goodies.

I sling this on everyday to work over my duster coat! I decided to post an outfit from the other day as I actually really liked it. It's a crappy phone pic but better than nothing! :)

Cardi & Shirt: H&M
Skirt: New Look
Boots: Primark

Inspiration Monday: Making the most out of University

I don't think I'm really ready to write a post like this as I only just finished in July - but I really want to give some advice for any Uni starters. Advice being a veeery loose term by the way, but I thought I'd compile a post anyway!

1. Go out to Uni Events
My University experience was very different to a lot of other people's - there wasn't as many societies or sports popularity in mine. People kept to their own groups and since I was on a small campus a lot of societies found it very difficult to have successful events as most students just couldn't be bothered to attend (boo! don't ever be that person!) Nonetheless I highly recommend you grab your mates and go to a few Uni socials - it's a great way to meet new people and have a good night too. And if you enjoy planning and organising events - why not help out some societies? I'm sure they'd welcome you with open arms!

2. Remember that Uni is actually for STUDY
I know far too many people who fell short of their academic expectations due to the simple fact that they just did not work throughout Uni. Yes it's exciting that you've moved out and you don't have a curfew - but please remember you're paying £9k a year to get a qualification at the end of it! Just get your work done and celebrate each achievement! :-)

3. Your Uni mates will become your family
I love my Uni mates more than words can describe. I am beyond lucky to have found such a hilarious group of people who I had great times with. You will find those people too! Don't be shy at Uni, if you overhear an interesting convo just join in! I think at this age we find making new friends really awkward - but it's only like that if you make it to be like that. Be relaxed, be yourself!

4. The Careers Advice team are actually awesome
Keep in touch with these people and attend some events here and there to pick up skills. I've been to so many that I'm quite proficient at knowing what a recruiter wants to see and hear. They're all priceless information that these people are happy to give you. Get them to help with CV, cover letter, placements - everything! Honestly make the most out of them - it's so important to be focused on your career. If you're unsure about where you want to go, try finding work experience and narrow down from there.

5. Be sensible
If you live at home, do you really need that whole student loan instalment? Be smart with money, I've always said that the UK try to pale down the whole paying back student fees palava. They make it seem very casual and easy to try not to scare you, but you should be scared. You will be paying a huge chunk of money back for the foreseeable future - spend that money wisely. Yes they make it simple to pay back, but there is interest on top of it and you'll be shocked at how much they end up taking from you. Another thing they fail to tell you is that your loan makes you look very unattractive in the eyes of a bank and it's a bit more difficult to get credit cards, mortgages and other loands! Not to mention, at that point the government will also be swiping taxes from you too - and suddenly your salary will look very dry at the end of it. Budget carefully, spend smartly and be safe!

There's millions more I could say, but that's all for now! What's your top Uni advice?