19 February 2015

The Blair Waldorf Blouse

Primark Skirt (old)

As soon as I spotted this shirt in a haul video (Can't remember which!) I knew I needed it. The high neck is so gorgeous and the velvet tie is just too sweet! It's quite pricey at £30 but it's super soft and so nice that it's honestly one of my favourite purchases in a long time. They have quite a few patterns and I really want the gingham one too....dang it Zara!

I paired it with a skirt and some boots to make it smart and I really do feel like Blair Waldorf. All I needed was a headband and a group of minions!

28 January 2015


In recent months I've become very into trainers and sneakers as they're so easy to wear and so damn comfy. I've never been one to splurge on shoes but now I have a bit more moolah to spend I've been investing quite a bit in my shoes. I've wanted both these NIKE Roshe Runs and Adidas Gazelle's for months now and finally found them in stock (why are all the things I want always out of stock...?)