Cheer for natural hair!

Sometimes i love how my hair turns out after blowdrying. This is my hair after i washed, blowdried and used my Andrew Barton Big Hair lifting Juice!

ignore my face and the quality. I couldn’t be bothered to convert all my pics to png. UGH WHY DO I EVEN HAVE TO DO THAT!

Also on sunday i went to the boot fair again and found this crazy necklace.

I’m starting to think it’s actually a belt. But i’m so using it as both haha!
I also got a NEW MASCARA! God i forgot how much i love mascara! I’m doing a review for it, i have all the pics i need and evidence 😉 So far i’m lovin it. It doesn’t overdo or clump the lashes, and it gives a natural effect. LOVE IT.
First Max Factor mascara i’ve owned 🙂
Then i went to TK Maxx to buy some storage options and things for my room. I only bought one thing and that was this adorable box to put all my makeup in. I don’t have crazy amounts but i srsly need to use up my lipglosses.
Sigh. Cute box though right?
Finally i went to Canterbury yesterday with my brother. Big mistake. He was so whiney, it was ridiculous! I had to drag him around and i kept promising i’d take him to a toy shop and i did. I took him to hawkins bazaar and let him buy something small haha! I only bought two things, a top from newlook (don’t have a pic yet but i’ll do an outfit post!) and this keychain of an….elephant?
I love it haha
Today i’m going to make my halloween costume. Me and my friend are holding a party and the theme is Twisted Fairytale. I’m Snow Fright and she’s Ghouldilocks. We have other characters like Prince Alarming, Hairy Godmother, Malice in Wonderland, Gingerdreadman etc! I’m extremely excited but i’ve suddenly realised how much school work i have to do! Oh dear. I’ll do it on the Monday i have off. I’m also going to get my hair cut then too. Haven’t had it cut since DECEMBER. It’s in horrible condition now and it looks awful. haha
Anyways enjoy the rest of your Half-term or week, and Happy Halloweeeeen!

  • Amy

    You hair is gorgeous!!


    P.S. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and for your helpful advice. I will try the blue or purple tights next time- I like that idea. 🙂 Great blog too- I ‘ll be back!

  • thanks for following me!
    OOOh, really? well, as soon as works again (need to resize my pictures of the shoes) I will put the shoes up for grabs on ebay, and place a link to it on my blog, so that you can check them out with detailled pictures!

    Those shoes look very very cute and very good quality too, you can’t imagine how disappointed I was when I found out they did not fit me! 🙁

  • I don’t live a day without a mascara. Saves my life everyday. The belt/necklace looks really gorgeous! I like the colors in it!

    juliet xxx

  • Beautiful!!! 🙂

  • Your hair is so pretty! xoxo

  • your hair looks GORGEOUS. please come here asap and teach me your talented styling ways!

  • Love your hair!! Looks so beautiful chickie!!


  • gorgeous blog! i love your hair and that animal thing is cool haha!

  • Thank you very much for commenting my entry on Economy And Finances! I have included your comment in my last entry, with a link to your blog.

  • awww I loveee your hair and the necklace! your blog is tooo cute! I will def be back!

  • Hi, new to ur blog and liked it right away! I love that storage box of urs! So girly…

    Nice meeting you!

  • I want your hair *seriously*

  • What beautiful hair…jealous.

  • that makeup box is so chic! Am gna hunt for it next tym am in Tx maxx hehe…and your hair is so lushh 🙂 Its defo more volumised den mine