Saturday haul

You guys seem to really like my girl crush & boy crush posts haha. Maybe I’ll do them every month; that would be fun πŸ˜€
Anyways, this week was awful. Monday I went to an Oxbridge talk which made me really want to go but my GCSEs are pretty average. (1 A*, 6 A’s and 3 B’s). When I went to my head of year to ask to resit one, she asked if I was considering Oxford, I said yes and she said don’t bother….which kinda hurt. I don’t know if she meant don’t bother retaking or don’t bother applying but it was definately a slap in the face. When I went on “the student room” forum lots of people gave examples of people who had B’s and C’s and got in so i’m thinking of applying to try prove people wrong. Shall I? Worth a shot?

So to get away from school madness i had some retail therapy. New look has an amazing sale.

(My camera decided to be shit when I put it on)
I loved this top as soon as I had seen it a few months ago, and today it was in the sale for Β£8. LOOOVE IT. (And it’s light pink, you know how much I love that!)
Just a cropped grey top from there for Β£3. Loove it.
Paperchase I love you
I’m reading this now; it’s so weird! Loving it though πŸ™‚
That’s all I got today. Haven’t been saving much so this was it but whatever. I think I’m going to ban myself from all internet except blogger until my exams are finished. I’m predicted shitty grades and I have to surpass them. HAVE TO.
Thanks so much for following <3 I have 57 now :O LOVE YOU GUYS.

  • ilovelovelove that pink tank.
    itis soo adorable!<3

  • Punic tunic+ bow=fabulous πŸ™‚

  • i love that pink top!! its perfect!! and that pen is adorable πŸ™‚

  • This is a very strange request, but i’m doing an essay on Alice and wondered if you’d consider selling the annotated Alice when you’ve finished reading it? Love the perfume top too!

  • @reverie very strange request. I don’t know yet because I’m loving it so much but I’ll probably come round and sell haha. Won’t you need it by a certain time tho? And where do you live?

  • ive seen tops like these in top shop and even primark i have to say this one is the nicest one i have seem mmm!:) x

  • Kim

    I love that first top !!