16 April 2010

Bracelet trade and leatherjacketoutfit #1

I remember going to Topshop maybe last year when there was a sale and I picked up a beautiful necklace, but my sister also bought the most gorgeous bracelets. I was jealous for so long until I traded a pearl necklace for those bracelets yesterday. They remind me of those stunning blue stone cocktail rings which I also really want!

So beautiful right? I love it!

This is the outfit I wore today to ASDA (I know....I'm lame.) Pretty neutral. I added a scarf too
Jacket + Top: New Look; Jeans: Primark; Scarf: Marketplace; Bracelets: Topshop.

I'm going to give you a sneak peek of my wardrobe in my next post so keep your eyes peeled for that! I finally have a big wardrobe, HALLELUJAH! I also have a review coming up for you guys and maybe a tutorial :) All I can show for the tutorial is from this tiny charity shop haul:

Hmmm lace material eh? Whatever could I be up to?
BTW I've moved in! My room's still not done, I still need a new bedframe but I do love it! It's all shaping up :) School again on monday :/ I've been kinda stressed lately about my future but I'll make an emotional rant post soon. LOVE YOU GUYS!


  1. i love those earrings and that outfit! Ive been wanting a tshirt like that but have managed to resist up until now! ;) x

  2. oh wow love the outfit! loving your style :) hehe


  3. Omg, I so like the bracelet, is gorgeous ;]
    and shh, your outfit is simple but fab.

    have a nice day!!


  4. Hey Shabna,

    New follower here. The bracelet is very beautiful.

  5. love the outfit.. its way cute

  6. That outfit is gorgeous, I love the bow!

    I've nominated you for a blog award btw :D xoxo