7:40 pm

+ My new bed!
+ My room in general actually.
+ Cleaning up and organising.
+ Going through my make-up and jewellery.
+ Making a revision timetable. HAHA it makes me feel organised!
+ IKEA. You have saved our lives.
+ Painting nails. Mmmm.
+ My No7 Foundation which I still need to make a review on :S MOVING ON BEFORE YOU HIT ME
+ Planning to excerice. Now to actually start...
+ Knowing the answers to questions in Past Papers.
+ Online shopping!
+ ASOS. Their customer service is ace.
+ TWITTER. Follow me nowwww!
+ Requests. I love when you guys ask me questions or request something. Please feel free to comment or e-mail me! (shabnazaheer@hotmail.com)
+ Summer!
+ Doctor Who!

+ Not knowing the answers in past papers (this happens more often.)
+ Eating too much and feeling bloated.
+ Nervousness about exams.
+ My horrible ability to not be able to make decisions.
+ How my desk ALWAYS clutters up. I can't work with it and I spend ages having to clean it up, then find it messed up again!
+ My house still has loads more to be done.
+ Lack of shoes.
+ Short tops. It makes me uncomfortable...
+ My body.

There's my ins and outs! I may do this as a weekly thing...
BTW I'm going to make an award. So be on the lookout for that ;) Also I will make a post on my room when I find my camera :(


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  1. This is basically like the story of my life atm. Good luck! And come enter my giveaway xx

  2. Avatar DVD yay! And I hear you about the lack of shoes. Good luck revising/everything <3

  3. Pass papers :( I know exactly what your talking about, im going through exactly the same. Good luck! xx


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