Sometimes I get this huge longing for make-up. I watch a lot of gurus on youtube and I mentally note down things I want to buy so when I got my bday money I spent quite a large chunk on make-up that I had been waiting far too long to buy. I’m not going to explain everything in detail in this post (sometimes I wish I made videos so I could just babble on about it) but if you want a detailed review on anything or have any questions then please just ask!

QVS Duo-fibre brush (obviously I loved this since I bought two!)
Revlon Contour Brush (amaze)
Stila Sun SPF 15 Bronzer in No. 02
NARS blush in Dolce Vita
Revlon Colourburst in Peach, NYX lipstick in Thalia, NYX lipstick in Cocoa
Not really make-up but Sebastian Xtah Cy-clone hair cream – it’s awesome!!
I bought this ages ago but I seriously love it. Totally recommend it!
So yah I love everything. I also got the Benefit Bad Gal liner from glamour but seriously do you need swatches and mad raves about it when there are 1928492 other identical posts on it?! No.
School has started and blah blaaaah it’s horrible ;~; I WILL work hard. I hope. :/
It’s so sunny but SO WINDY. Ughhhh. I just want it to be hot and slightly breezy. That is all. I’m also gonna start swimming again to get in shape. Maybe twice a week to ease myself in?! Who knows, I hope I don’t get too lazy…. :S
Hope you all have a fabby week and day. Sorry I haven’t made a post in a while…funny how when your exams FINISH you’re suddenly too busy. Hmmm I need to get my priorities straight! I’m just having too much fun on my 6th form council planning the ball, yearbook, boys etc! So much funnn.
ALSO I’ve narrowed the names down to : Rumplesparkles, Frinkles and myohmy. TELL ME WHICH ONE I SHOULD USE!
TTYL xoxo

  • Great post! These products look lovely πŸ™‚ I’ve got that qvs stippiling brush and I do like it but it sheds like I don’t know what and feels really harsh to use :/ What have you found with yours? x


  • @Nicola- really?! Mine hasn’t shed one bit and is really soft!! Do you wash it often? And what with?

  • Go for myohmy, the others sound a little childish. And how’s the stila bronzer? Is it completely matte?

  • really? Thats werid mine has shedded loads scince I bought it, I don’t wash it too often a few times a week because I hardly use it now, But I usually wash it with baby shampoo or my brush clensor x

  • Hi! Do you live in the UK? Cause oif so, where’d ya get your Stila stuffm and that brush, and that NYX for that matter hehehe xxx Love the post xx

  • This sounds great, how much were the brushes, they look lovey! πŸ™‚ Xx

  • @Louise – It has slight shimmers in the pan but once you put it on the face it looks completely matte! i think it’s beautiful, seriously!
    Haha childish is the best way to describe me! :S

    @Nicola – maybe a bad batch? or they have a new batch out now? It said new on the packet!

    @DangerouslyBeauty – Yes I live in the UK. I got the stila sun bronzer from, the brushes from superdrug and the nyx I bought from a seller on and also recieved Cocoa in a swap from makeupalley!

    @Hannah – The brushes were only £6.99! It said £7.99 in store but I got it for £6.99 both times haha!

  • wow! intresting blog. I am def gonna be back for more.
    Do visit me if u get a chance

  • I have that Revlon brush and I think it’s really good too. I just open my eye and sweep it in the crease bit and then blend..

  • wow doll you got some awesome goodies! <3