002: la semaine

01: It’s been a loooong week. It was my last week of school this year as I have work experience next week and it just dragged on and on. There were quite a few moments where I wanted to just skip some lessons but I was good and went to every single one. We even had a lecture by a guy from Raleigh talking about gap years (I did not know you could take gap years in summer hols) but I was most amazed at how hot he was. Seriously, he was yummy stuff.

02: While other bloggers may be faffing about Eclipse (ew ew and double ew) I am thoroughly excited for Toy Story 3, Despicable Me and Shrek 4. I’m such a child but I don’t care! Some of my favourite films are kids films <3

03: I am LOVING Miley Cyrus at the moment. I have no idea why, I know a lot of people absolutely hate her (I don’t know how you can hate someone you don’t know or never met but ok…) but I admire her for being able to put up with the kind of shit that gets thrown at her. Yes she’s done some weird things (the lap dance, the recent outfit) but I still love her! I’m especially obsessed with her song “When I look at you” from the movie The Last Song. Very tempted to watch now…I’m also loving B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams – Airplanes 😉

04: LOVING MY CAMERA. I’m sure you can tell since I’m posting loads on my flickr and on here with my outfit posts. Do you like the pictures? Let me know <3

05: Follow my twitter 🙂 It’s just that next week (29th) I’ll be going to Paris, Zurich and Rome and I won’t be able to make a blog post during that week but I will tweet a lot and upload pics etc. I’m so excited! Have any of you been to these places?!

06: Currently loving Jane Austen. I’m read Pride & Prejudice and I’ve been watching Sense & Sensibility. SO GOOD. I’d have love to live in those times, it’s so cute and innocent <3

The next two/three “la semaine” posts will be huuuuge, one about work experience and the other about my holiday. Have a great evening darlings!