004: la semaine

01: This is pretty long awaited. My holiday was fabulous and I think the photos speak for themselves! Unfortunately in Rome I only got pictures in the Vatican + by St Peter’s because I then dropped my camera on the cobblestone streets and it’s screen has broken. It still works but I’d be taking pictures blind. Not nice šŸ™
It goes in the order Paris > Switzerland > Rome.

02: Ramadan has started and I’ve been fasting. All those plans for coursework and homework is crushed because I’m too exhausted to do anything. Who knew how much food played in your life? I went into town yesterday and I spent an hour there, got bored and had to leave. I’ve been watching films, snoozing, napping, reading Georgia Nicholson and then eating loads when I can break my fast.

03: I also have a new sleep routine. I stay up until 2.45am, eat copious amounts, pray then sleep. I wake up at around 12pm or 2pm and then I wait it out until I can break my fast. You would think that’s a lot of time I could do work in but no- somehow I’ve managed to avoid that. I HAVE to start tomorrow.

04: I have a buying urge. I want a few grand and spend it on makeup, clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, furniture, A MACBOOK and just endless amounts of things.

  • I love your ooutfit!!! where did you get the jacket and shirt?
    I like the pictures too.. very nice, what camera do you have?
    I agree with the last thing, I have a buying urge too, mostly shoes purses and clothes but I want makeup and to redecorate my room… =/

  • Great photos (especially the Minnie Mouse one!). I’ve also got the same Ramadan sleeping routine šŸ™ x

  • @Bellesme – Thanks so much! Jacket is from New Look and the shirt is from Matalan! My camera is panasonic lumix – not expensive but still! šŸ™

    @une tasse – ah it’s a hassle! and thank you!

  • Hmm so I guess I’m not the only one spending my days asleep and nights..doing not much šŸ˜‰ haha But it’s fun in a really weird lonely kinda way, styaing up all night waiting for 3am

  • great pics girl!!

  • Meg

    Cool photos!
    Stop by my blog and enter the giveaway šŸ˜‰


  • amazing photos!!

  • wow what a trip, these pictures all look incredible,makes me want to go tu europe so bad!