005: la semaine

(that last one is a little hair of the day for you all)
01: Life has been hectic. I’m still trying to shift into my more work less play lifestyle. Clearly still not working but I’m getting better. Facebook has been shut off, and I’ve been cut off from sharked mb. The hardest one is YOUTUBE. I just love that place too much! But I need to stop. I keep catching up on them when I got to sleep on my Iphone which means I get hardly any sleep and wake up vowing to myself that I’ll sleep earlier. Then the cycle commences once again.
02: I’ve missed blogging. But somehow by some twist of fate my camera broke so even if I wanted to blog I don’t have the equipment to do so. Just my luck…
03: I’m ILL. This is the official start of autumn/winter for me. I’m usually the first one to get a cold/fever and I hate it. I wake up as if I’m trapped under rubble, I breathe louder than normal, my nose always feels disgusting and I look a complete mess. This is such a bad time to miss school, I have so much to catch up on. I’m stressing out with all the deadlines!!!
04: I am LUSTING over the Urban Decay Naked Palette SO DAMN MUCH. I want it too badly! 🙁 Anyone got it yet? When I do I’m going to post so many eye looks. Oh and when I get my camera fixed too.
05: I have a haul/recent purchases post bursting to be shown. I’ve bought quite a few cool things! If you don’t follow my twitter already then do because I always show things I buy on there 😀 CLICK ME TO FOLLOW

  • buzz is the shit.<3

  • too bad about the broken camera and the cold. hope you feel better soon!!

  • I bought the Naked palette recently and I think it’s the best thing I’ve bought all year.