018: la semaine

01: Sorry the quality in the above picture looks a bit off, blogger uploader really crapifies pictures. I just can’t be bothered to upload to photobucket at the moment…Anyway after watching Tanya’s new video on minimal make-up I’ve been obsessed. It looks so light and fresh, I’m wearing it above. All I have on is a dab of concealer, tinted moisturiser, a light sweep of MSF, a teeny tiny bit of mascara and a swipe of pink lipgloss. This will definitely be my everyday routine for a while now. I recommend everyone to try it! It’ll let your skin breathe while you still look fabulous!

02: School is getting hard, I really need to work. Because of this I’m going to limit myself to two posts a week. I seriously prioritise this blog over my school work and I really shouldn’t! The two posts should consist of one outfit/style inspiration/wishlist/5things post and one la semaine post. It’s like the exams have strained me into nothing and I can’t do anything anymore. NOT GOOD.

03: After seeing these shorts (below) on someones blog I am craving them. I really want to buy them but a) they’re pricey and b) I don’t think I have the legs for shorts. I may go and try them on. I’d wear these with a pretty blouse and thick tights + brogues. What do you guys think of them?

04: Right I should get a move on and get my work done. Once I start I can go on for a while but I just have to make sure not to stop because after I stop I won’t be back for a long while…

Lots of love
Shabna xo

  • Jen

    you look very nice! and those shorts are gooorrrge!

  • Ola

    oooooh Shabna, you’ve made me want those shorts!!! I do believe a little trip to ye olde topshop is in order! 🙂 xxx