4 July 2011

I See The Light

I See The Light Scene in Tangled

cutest package ever

I told you I did some painting the other day and this is what I painted. My siblings are obsessed with Tangled so it's always on in the house and so I decided to paint this scene. I personally love this film, it mixes modern disney with old school disney perfectly. I definitely recommend this film, it's perfect for sleepovers too.

The package is from Carly. I love it so much! I won her giveaway but I didn't realise it was US only. Completely my fault but she sends me goodies from Japan! So lovely and so generous, you all need to check out her blog. She posts amazing DIYs and lists some cool ones from all over the web too! She's one of my favourite blogs so go over and give her some love!
The wipes apparently leave a layer of powder, HOW COOL? She sent me an erasable highlighter (omg), cute memo cards, ice cream paperclips and the wipes! I love everything :)

Hope you're all doing well :)


  1. the painting is just wow, great job shabna xo

  2. Wow, love the painting! Very talented!

  3. omg myfriend had an erasable highlighter!! I totally want one =)
    Btw how can you paint?? Im sooo jealous, I LOOOVE that scene =)

  4. Loveee the painting you little artist! x

  5. really liked the first pictures, so great colors!

  6. Hi darling. Your painting is gorgeous! Just wondering if I may feature it under my Inspirations section on Saving-Emily.blogspot.com xx