Piz Buin In Sun Radiant Face Cream

I’ve been looking for a good face sunscreen for so long. I’ve always been tempted to buy these Piz Buin products but this small tube was £9.95 which I thought was a bit steep. In ASDA it was down to £5 but I was stuck on which one to get. Either this or the Nivea face sunscreen which was also £5 but you got much more product. I went for this to see if it is worth the price.
The last sunscreen I used was a prescription one that my sister got. It had a very thick texture which a slight white tint which I didn’t like as I really had to blend for ages to make sure my skin didn’t look ashy. This was the complete opposite. It is slightly thicker than a moisturiser but it blends nicely and doesn’t make the face feel oily or greasy. It also has shimmer to give a glow which I quite like but if you don’t like shimmer on your face then go for another sunscreen.

Overall I’m quite impressed with this and hopefully it’ll work well under the Indian sun. I’m going to see my relatives in Kerala (we have a house there) but we’re also going to visit Madras this year which I’m very excited about! I hope it actually happens though because my dad can be quite impulsive and when we get there he might change his mind. This is a scheduled post so i’ll be in India already 🙂

  • Ohh I might try it! they say sun cream is the best anti-aging product which makes a hell of a lot of sense. My skin can’t handle heat at all!

  • i should totes try it!


  • thank you – always nice with recomendation on make-up and other sorts of stuff.. Nice reading and post 🙂