038: la semaine

oldie pic :S I look shit at the mo!

001: It’s Eid tomorrow! After a long month of fasting I can finally celebrate tomorrow with my family and friends! I’m really looking forward to it. I might take a picture of my Indian outfit tomorrow, just for a ∼uniqu3∼ outfit post! Nah if you don’t want to see it then let me know! I’ll be doing henna tonight too haha so I’ll definitely show you guys that.

002: I’ve put some make-up items up on my blog shop so go check it out! I have a MAC wonder woman lipstick up for sale (ok it’s pending at the mo!) so if you missed out on that collection then I have it! Check out my other wares too 🙂

003: I’m so tired! My sleep timetable is awful and I can’t wait to get it right! I’m planning a ∼slumber partay∼ with my friend too and I’m going to make S’MORES! Only problem is that we don’t have graham crackers here, in fact the closest thing we have are digestives so they’re gonna be british s’mores lolz.

p.s. do you like the slight tweaks I made to the layout? 😀 I’m really liking them!

  • You look so pretty here – for about the 100th time I’m going to say “i love your hair down like this!” haha – but I really do! Would love to see your henna also! xxx

  • Liz

    Your hair looks so pretty.
    I like the new layout changes, looks very nice.

  • enjoyed reading your posts and following your blog now!



  • enjoy your celebration tomorrow! I love the blouse your wearing.

  • Your hair looks great! Cute items in your shop.

    Don’t forget to enter my Coach purse giveaway! http://stylocrat.blogspot.com/2011/08/100th-post-vintage-coach-purse-giveaway.html

  • Ola

    1) I pretty much always like your layout
    2) Agreeing with the person in the comments who says your hair is wonderful
    4) I want a henna thingy
    5) I went to the post box today…. XD XD XD

  • oh how beautiful!!! i follow you! <3

  • Beautiuful hair, so glossy! Hope you had fun with your family and friends yesterday also!

    My timetable is a bit knackered too! Gotta get back into a routine.. which I’m not looking forward to. 😛