Jewellery Wishlist

jewellery by shabna

Recently I’ve fallen into a jewellery trap. It usually happens around sale season because all the necklaces go down to a few quid and I stock up for the year. I love unusual pieces so the first four are DEFINITELY a favourite. Especially the skeleton cuff! If only I could splurge on it. The One Luv goodies are a bit more affordable and they’re so kooky! They look quite good quality too. They’re an Australian brand fyi! Their shipping is quite high though I think so for now I can lust. I’m going to buy the ‘S’ ring soon as it’s from Topshop and it’s pretty accessible. But the last three are long-time lusts. I’m a huge fan of Mr Kate and her jewellery store is so unusual and different! The rose-gold cuff is on sale at the moment and I SO want it! The bow ring is HUGE and has a hefty price tag to go with it but it’s so realistic looking and beautiful. And finally the infamous ‘Love Loop’ necklace which a lot of people love. Her attention to detail is incredible and everything is made with utmost care. Her youtube videos are hilarious too, she does some AMAZING DIYs.

Hope I haven’t added a whole load of things to your wishlist now…I waste too much time pining over things! 🙁

  • aw the dinosaur is so cuuutteee xx

  • Woah, that skeleton cuff is awesome, really interesting. Is the third one an origami crane? Cute 🙂

  • One Luv jewellery is amazing, I love those necklaces- unfortunately one of my new year’s resolutions was to buy less new jewellery and wear more of the old stuff I already have!

    • HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF?!?!? Nah you gotta show your jewellery love 😉

  • Ooh the balloon dog and origami crane are so sweet! Such gorgeous picks (:

    • OhHHHhhh I know! Honestly love them ALL! x x

  • I’ve been after one of those dinosaur skeletons for a while, so cute! I’ve also seen lots of origami pendants recently which are lovely as well. Great choices! x

    • AH I want to find some cheaper and more accessible alternatives! Glad you like them!

  • aww that dinosourr 🙂 xx love the bone ring too 🙂 xx