Blouse + headband + jeans: Primark
Shoes: Internacionale
Bag: Vintage/gift

I like to think I shot two birds with one stone in this outfit. I achieved “colour-blocking” horrendously so as the colours are so clashy and also the “pastel” trend. I love the colour of this blouse. Primark have quite a few of them in different colours and I was quite close to buying the lemon yellow one but I’ve been buying far too many clothes. I’ve always wanted a capsule wardrobe but I’m such a hoarder, it would never last. Anyway I bought these shoes today and they were only £5. I couldn’t say no could I? As I said on twitter I think Kavita’s love for heels is rubbing off on me. I’m still awful at walking in them but they’re so gorgeous. In fact, when I take them off I feel short and stumpy 🙁

I’ve got another assignment thrown on me. So I’ll have 3 to do over the next few weeks, brilliant! However right now I’m happily stuffed full of pancakes. I made two batches and they came out perfectly. I used this Jamie Oliver recipe and it’s so easy! I usually make such a mess with pancakes but it was a very smooth process today. I love eating them with syrup/whipped cream/strawberries! YUMM.

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous Pancake Day! OH and I’d just like to share this blog I’m loving at the moment: Lydia Elise Millen. She’s fabulous!

  • I saw this blouse yesterday, it’s lovely! x

  • Oh wow thank you sooo much for the link! you Beauty xx

    • You’re welcome! 😉

  • Your shoes are really nice! And I love your headband!
    I haven’t had any pancakes yet, and I doubt I’ll end up having any, but your recipe sounds so yummy! You’ve made me want pancakes now!

    • Awwww have some! And thank you

  • omgomgomg u look so pretty, and that blouse is so niceeee

    I didnt eat a pancake, sad pancake day for me 🙁

    i love the shoes, saw them on twitter already! beautiful heels

    and lydia’s blog is really nice xx

    • omgomgomg thank you!!’ and NOOO how can you not have pancakes booooo 🙁

    • I’m still ill boo, so i couldnt buy ingredients for it.

      I mean it really, you are stunning in these pictures xx

  • You look lovely!! x

  • those shoes are gorgeous! are they easy to walk in? x

    • They’re pretty easy! Basically like wedges!

  • you look like an effing model (excuse my french!) seriously, you have an amazing figure and such beautiful hair and just… everything. Sorry for my constant pervy comments ;D just need to express, haha. <3 xxx

    • Seriously Fern, I’m no model I PROMISE! But thank you so so so much, this has honestly made my day!

  • that headband looks so pretty with the color of the blouse! love it. and your style is amazing.

    • Oh thank you Mirthe! Glad you like!

  • ahh I just love you hair!

    Marie x

    • Says the one with gorgeous hair herself!

  • seriously inspired <3

    • Aw thank you Olivia, I’m glad!

  • fiver for the shoes! woah what a bloomin’ bargain hahaha!
    Loving this outfit on you btw, anddd the headband looks wicked! Can’t wait for summer you know !

    What’s a capsual wardrobe by the way loool? Sounds like some sort of time travelling wardrobe hahahaha x

    • HAHAHAHA TIME TRAVELLING WARDROBE! No it’s like a wardrobe with maybe 30 things which can be interchanged and goes with everything in the wardrobe.

      And thank you hun! I knowwww I want warmth!

  • Cute shoes! x hivenn

  • You look amazing, love your headband it reminds me of summer which I’m literally dying for right now!

    The Deer Head


    • I KNOW, Summer should hurry up!

  • super pretty!

  • I like the flowers in your hair..lovely!

  • Gorgeous shoes! Can’t believe they were only a fiver 🙂 xx

  • Oh you look gorgeous! This shirt is so pretty on you and your hair looks lush!


  • i really love your shoes!

  • nice ti meet you shabna i love your blog and everithing in this look especially the headband i follow you via google lovely! xoxo from france

    • Oh thank you for following! x

  • you look super lovely and this is my fave outfit of yours. I think it’s the combination of the soft colour blouse with the sharp red shoes. Pretty! x

    • Thank you so much Sarah!

  • you look so pretty in these images! the floral headband really suits you xoxo

  • Love this post, you look really pretty. I will definitely be venturing into Primark soon because I could do with more sheer blouses (and these look identical to the Topshop ones). I really like the shade you picked!


  • Jolies photos 🙂

  • SQUEE. You are GORGEOUS, and I have fallen head over heels in love with your blouse! Such a gorgeous color and I love the headband <33

  • Such fabulous shoes and the flower headband is too cute!Follow back? or twitter @stylishlytaryn

  • Your hair is gorgeous! Very jealous indeed! The headband really suits you too 🙂 Beautiful pics! xx