Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Creams

I’ve been wanting a cream blush for the longest time however all the ones I find will have the dreaded “cream-to-powder” finish. To me this is completely pointless. You might as well buy a powder blush?! I wanted a cream blush for the dewy finish. I was told the Illamasqua cream blushers were the best for that but I swatched a Stila Convertible colour in Boots and really wanted to get one. Imagine my surprise when I found them in TK Maxx! The packs have 2-3 Stila products for around £7.99 which is a complete bargain if you only use the blush anyway as the blush is RRP £16! I got two colours, Gladiola and Petunia.

I’m slightly annoyed as mine look so ugly now since brush hairs got into it but ignoring that, the product is amazing. Very creamy, easy to blend and beautiful pigmentation. These are perfect for summer and give just the perfect flush. I think the real techniques stippling brush would be great for these too. I really recommend these, they last quite a long time too on my skin which NEVER happens.

I’ve been to two different TK Maxx’s and found loads of the Stila products so I’m pretty sure all of them have some. Definitely try and grab a bargain!

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  • Ria

    Definitely going to check these out!
    I love maxfactor miracle touch creamy blushes for a dewy finish.

    Ria x

    • Ooo I’ll have to check those out! Thanks x

  • I’ve heard so many good things about cream blushes, I really should try one~ Btw this packaging is so cute!!

  • Fantastic price! Gorgeous shades, I really like cream blushes and have been eyeing a couple of these Stila ones for a while now 🙂

  • I love that colour! I feel like cream blush just looks a bit more natural than powder – it seems more durable too. I completely bypassed the make-up section last time I went to TK Maxx. But I’m definitely going to have a look round there next time.


    • Yes you need to! And I agree, they last longer than powder

  • Such a lovely colour! Boots really do rip you off with their prices though! 😀 x

  • Oh lol, i tweeted you to try the topshop blush this morning before reading this! Oops sorry! That’s the annoying thing about cream blushers, the brush hairs but otherwise I love using them!

    • I really do need to try the Topshop ones! x

  • Hi! I discovered recently the cream blush and now I can’t live without it! I love it! I actually did a post about it 😉


    • Ooooo the YSL one looks LUSH! x

  • I saw these in Boots yesterday and they all look so pretty! Adore the packaging too <3 xo

    • I know they’re so cute and pretty! x