Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette

1:00 pm

The story is, I bought this without really thinking. It's RRP: £25 but I got it for £20 as Asos had a 24% off code that day. However after I ordered it I decided to return it as I really don't need it. I couldn't help taking a few pictures though, so if any of you are interested - here are the colours. Personally I think it looks a lot nicer than the Naked Palette as the colours are more suited to me. Depends on you though! If I didn't already have an eye shadow palette that I'm happy with, I would've kept this in a heartbeat!

My one con is the packaging. It arrived pretty dinged up too so I can't imagine what a week in my make-up basket would do to it! Not the most practical packaging, especially for travel!

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  1. The colours look really nice, I already have 2 naked palettes, so I don't need this one. Glad you return, I had never returned any make up item ;(. x

  2. I have been so tempted by this but like you, I have enough neutral eyeshadows that I'm already happy with. Every colour in this palette looks stunning though. Ahh still tempted haha xo

  3. These colours actually look more wearable compared to those in the Naked Palettes :)

  4. I want this now


  5. very kool


  6. Beautiful palette, the colours are so pretty and the eyeliner seems like it'd also work a treat.

  7. Love the palette, I've got it (it was a gift) the colours and pigments are beautifu but the packaging on mine is falling to pieces!


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