Zara Studded Slingback

Can we just talk about these for a second? My head is jumbled with programming definitions and my table is scattered with numerous biro pens that I have finished one by one with my furious writing. So to clear my head I stumbled onto the Zara website earlier (to help find shoes for my friend mind you) and of course I’d find something for me. I don’t know how Zara does it, I honestly don’t. What I love about Zara is that they’re mysterious. They’re not overly in your face with adverts, social networking and PRs (not that that’s a bad thing!). You don’t hear from them much which makes you want to step in the store. These shoes represent Zara perfectly, a classic shoe with a modern twist. Something that makes it stand out, something that makes it almost designer looking.

I know the heel is not everyone’s piece of cake but I think I like it. I’m going to see if my local Zara has this on Saturday and if not I pray it’s not sold out by then. I can imagine it being a serious favourite and I’m very close to making these part of my birthday present!

I know I’m probably going to make it even more impossible to find these online by posting them on my blog, but that’s me. A kind soul sharing her little pearls with you all.

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