Dress: H&M
Hat: New Look
Belt: Primark
Tights: Tights Please*
Shoes: New Look

Errrr excuse the sparkle OVERLOAD but I just felt like throwing these together. The beanie is a half-arsed attempt at making the outfit more ~casual~ and whatnot. I got this dress before I went on holiday for a fiver in the sale. It’s a size 6 and the most shapeless thing ever but I love the sequins. The tights have been featured before and I thought, I’m wearing enough sparkle – might as well throw a sparkly jacket on too (not shown). Not wearing any jewellery, I seem to have gone off it. Does anyone else have this? I need to hit some jewellery sales, then I’ll be back! Besides, this outfit doesn’t really need anymore jewels :-S

I’m still unsure about the beanie, not sure if it really suits me but I’m going to pretend it does and carry on anyway. Sorry about my lack of posting, I’m feeling a bit uninspired and I’m busy too!

However, I’ve been told that this Friday is National Stockings Day. I don’t own a pair but I’m wearing these tights which are def my faves! The day supports Breast Cancer Care and Tights Please are holding a competition here, giving away 25 pairs of stockings! They’re also donating 10% to the charity so click here and remember to wear pink! 🙂

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