Dark Ombre Hair

I’ve wanted to dye my hair for the longest time but I was worried about root re-touching and all that palava because I’m ridiculously lazy! Also I was scared I’d hate it and have to dye it all back so when I saw this photo I was so inspired to get dark ombre on my hair. It hasn’t come out similar as in the picture hers is much more ashy while I’d say mine is more red-toned but I’m still happy. My only annoyance is that tiny streak of ginger on that piece near my face…not even sure how that occurred :/

I used a blonde hair dye at first but that barely changed my hair colour so I bought the L’Oreal Wild Ombre kit, combed it on and left it for around 35 mins and it went this colour. So far I’ve gotten lots of compliments and I like the change it’s given me!

Excuse the outfit, I’m just about to bop down to the library and spend my evening there. The lipstick I’m wearing is MAC Velvet Teddy which I am now OBSESSED with! I am pretty crippled at the moment from gym, my body is aching SO MUCH it’s crazy. Leg day finished me! :'( Hope you’re all well loveliessss!

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