Three Years of University

Uni was a tumultuous time for me. When I first joined I was unsure, the University in question was not the best and I was terrified I wouldn’t get a job. However I quickly made some of the most amazing friends I could hope for and it became the best part of my life.

This year I moved out to halls and I’ve had the greatest time. The independence is exhilarating and I’ll never forget the people I’ve met! The stress of dissertation and all my exams were overwhelming but I now feel confident in myself – especially after securing a graduate scheme, something I never imagined would happen to me.

I just wanted to make this post as a dedication to this part of my life – a truly happy moment. I’ll cherish it forever.

p.s. I will be back soon – be patient…

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  • So proud of you Shablo! xx

  • Mesha

    I’ve got to say it again, i often think about your achievement and although all i know of you is through this blog, i just couldn’t be happier for you! Its very admiring seeing your achievements

  • Beauty Break

    Congrats ! I’m glad you’re done with uni doll. Hope you’ll get a job quickly or maybe you have already got one 😉 xx