Checkered Smock

Dress: Topshop (sale)
Leggings: ASOS
Sunglasses: River Island
Backpack: New Look
Shoes: Primark
The Topshop sale this time round is fabulous. They’ve well and truly slashed the prices on their stock which is a good and bad thing. Bad when you find things you splurged on marked down to a tenner (ahem patterned leggings…) and good because you find the things you skipped purchasing due to the price tag but now you can snap them up! I’ve bought quite a few things which I’m excited to show you all. Have any of you been trawling through the sales? What have you found?
This dress was marked down to £15 but I got it for £10 at the till so I was not complaining. It’s not the most flattering cut – could be compared to a sack – but my is it comfy! I realise I look like a lost traveller in these photos, especially with the backpack but let’s just pretend that’s the look I was going for, okay?

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