Recent Favourites

I’ve never stuck to the whole monthly favourites thing – I don’t really change up my make-up often enough and also I am awful at keeping up with blog posts nowadays (I’m really trying though). However I do have a routine I keep up with a few products I haven’t mentioned so here we go.

First up is the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, I must have mentioned this before. This is my go-to foundation and I doubt I will ever stray from this now. It’s the perfect blend between good coverage and natural looking. I am firmly against heavy foundations – my skin suffers under those, while this lets my skin breathe and it covers up any blemishes. This with a dab of concealer and a dusting of powder and my base is finished.

For the eyes I have the wonderful L’oreal Superliner So Couture. Guys, guys, guys! You must all go buy this because it is flipping fabulous. The nib is super thin and pointy and it lets you create the sharpest flick on your eyes – I LOVE this. Honestly such an amazing product from the drugstore – bravo L’Oreal! Another great eye product I’ve been loving is the Soap & Glory Archery brow pen. Apparently they’ve updated this to just be the pencil but I nabbed this pen version in Boots recently so maybe they have both now? Anyway the pen part is incredible at shading and looking very natural – definitely worth the price!

For the lips I have (surprise surprise) been lovingggg Twig by MAC. I’ve wanted this for quite a while – it’s a beautiful shade that’s quite close to my own lip colour but just a tiny bit deeper. It’s a browny pink that I think would just suit all skin tones and is great for that Kylie-Jenner look that’s going round (just don’t overdraw your lips please).

Another MAC product is the well known Soft & Gentle MSF by MAC. I’ve been pining for this for ages so on payday I finally splurged. I love using this every day, it lasts all day long too. It’s subtle and natural looking and I can imagine it basically lasting forever.

FINAL product is the Organix Argan Oil which is pretty much an exact dupe for that Moroccan Oil that everyone was obsessed with a few years ago. Full of bad stuff but makes your hair feel fabulous. I go gym most lunchtimes so I wash my hair pretty much every day and this stops it looking like a birds nest after blowdrying.

That’s it for now – any of you used these products? Let me know!