The Tech Cape

Primark Crop Top
New Look Shoes
H&M Headband (similar)

I’ve wanted this jacket for so long and finally it’s mine. I really want the grey one too – I’m torn as to which one is better actually (any help?). I thought I’d wear it mainly for gym but I think it looks great with casual outfits! It really dressed this crop top down which I love so this may now be a firm fixture in my wardrobe! It’s also super warm which I LOVE. It’s bitterly freezing in London but as soon as you hop on the tube you’re suddenly in Australia. And when you’re packed together with 20 other people there’s not exactly room to be taking off your five layers (who understands this pain?!)

This week has been going quite slowly. I’m so excited for Christmas Holidays – I’m very lucky to be getting so much time off. I need to spend all that time wisely – lots of food, lots of sleep and lots of movies. PERF!