How the food shop inevitably turns into a clothes shop

One of the best things to happen in the past few years is how supermarket giants have brought out their own clothing lines – and succeeded. I remember looking forward to my weekly ASDA shops, not just to load up on junk (God I love cheese balls) but also to peruse the clothes, PJs and jewellery on offer in George. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as when someone thinks you’re wearing Zara when in actuality you’re wearing George at ASDA. SO to show my love for George I thought I’d show a few of their dresses I’m loving this season. Hope you all enjoy!

Mock 2 Layer Dress – £14
This is definitely my favourite dress on there. I love that it’s conservative with the high neck but it also has the cute bodycon to add some appeal! Great for every day or even for drinks with your friends.
Yellow Tunic Dress – £16
I shy away from colours and stick to black, grey and white but this dress looks so fun! I think this is perfect for work in the coming Spring. The shape is suuuper flattering too.
Lace Double Layer Dress – £25
I haven’t worn lace in SO long, this looks like such a cute way to ease it into your outfits. A very versatile piece perfect for day or night.
Lace V-neck and Back Dress – £40
The colour of this is unique, I think this would be perfect for a tea party or even a Spring Wedding. The shape is so feminine too!
Velvet Bardot Dress – £18
Such a gorgeous classy shape in a unique fabric. This is perfect for dates and evenings out! And what a bargain too?
Animal Print Tunic – £6
This is probably a bit hit or miss but I think it’s a GREAT statement piece and very bold! If you can pull it off – go for it 🙂

*this is a sponsored post