Adidas Superstars

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Adidas Superstar Originals

I went through a battle trying to find these. I put off buying them for as long as possible and then when I finally decided, “God, YES I NEED THEM” they decided to be sold out everywhere. Literally EVERYWHERE. In the end I found these in FootAsylum in their Junior Boys’ Sizes (5.5) and they fit great! They are a bit strangely proportioned but they still look good so oh wells.

I’m not completely sure what it is I love so much about these but they just immediately make all outfits look ten times cooler. I’m also sorry to say that I’ve become that person who walks around, eyes flicking manically making sure no one steps on them. Sorry not sorry …

What do you guys think? 😀 Let me know below! Like or not?

  • I want a pair of superstars too, ugh!!

  • Thank god for FootAsylum!! I also got mine from here in a size 3 and they’re pretty large fitting I’d say but still so comfy and look ammazinng!! x

  • It’s always fun to visit your blog and I am in love with the sneakers…I want the pink Pharrell ones,

    Greetings from London!



  • Oh my god, I was obsessed with these when I was about 14 or 15… loved them! Best shoes ever! Well, until I bought my first pair of Converse… xx