Payday Wishlist // 01


Every month I scribble down and wants and wishes I have on a post it and stick in my diary to review on payday and blow my earnings on. I try to be realistic and also do my research to get the best possible price, but I can’t deny the pretty things in life. So I thought I’d share them with you so you can all feel better about your Payday spendings too! 🙂

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Escentric Molecules 01: I’ve wanted this for quite a long time but I still haven’t seen it in store and given it a sniff. I’m worried I’ll get it and hate it! May just have to give a splurge? I’ve heard Liberty stock it though so might pop over and see what all the fuss is about.

BeautyBlender: I’m a brush girl, so I’m not sure how a sponge will go down but I’ve wanted to give it a go as it’s so hyped up. The price is a bit steep for an egg-shaped sponge though :-/

Rita Ora for Adidas: I’m loving Adidas recently! This top is one I’m lusting after as the main material is mesh so it hangs really beautifully and just looks plain cool too. There’s a jacket version of this that I’m loving even more but I can’t justify it !

Foam roller: Now that I’ve upped my gym workouts I find myself sore a LOT. I follow musclewhispererjosh on Instagram who is the God of Foam-Rolling and you all need to follow him. I never thought you’d get actual transformations just from foam rolling. After strenuous workouts your muscles are actually tight and contracted and to get the best possible result you need to spend some time stretching and releasing them. Foam rolling is bittersweet as it hurts like a biatch but you feel sooo good after. Really need to pick one of these up to do at home before bed.

Adidas ZX Flux in White: another adidas baby! I really want some white trainers (as you can see from the sidebar) and these were the first to catch my eye. My only gripe is that I know it won’t stay white and that’s a lot of money for it to look snazzy for the first 3 wears then battling stains and constantly washing it for the rest of it’s shoe-life. We’ll see though!

What’s your monthly wishlist 😉