Some new trends

new trends


I find spring/summer trends are never drastic, usually they just stick with floral and denim. But there’s a big shift this year and I thought I’d list a few trends that have caught my eye.

When i first saw these I immediately listed them under the “not-for-me” category. However after seeing them on people around work, I’ve slowly been converted! I think to pull them off they need to skim over your thighs but fit nicely over your bum. They look wonderful with mid heels or strappy flats.

Try: these or these.

I’ve been seeing suede everywhere. Specifically in a rust or brown shade in jackets, boots, waistcoats, skirts and even tops. There’s something so seventies about them and the texture just adds something special to an outfit. I went the easy route with these asos boots!

Try: these or these.

Crochet crop tops are the hot item. We all love the cutaway, high neck crop top but it just looks undeniably sweeter in a Crochet material. These are just so perfect for sunny holidays! I could imagine a coord looking especially delish on the beach.

Try: these or these.

Or also called Bell Bottoms. I never thought these would come back in style but imagine my surprise when I look around the office and see multitude of women strutting around in their flared denim. The trick is to keep the top half very casual and let the flares do the talking.

Try: these or these.

Which one is your favourite new trend?

  • Pam Scalfi

    Culottes are so pretty but personally I don’t think they would look good on me 🙁 that cropped top are much more me 😀

    Pam Scalfi♥