The Apology

How was 2 months gone like that? I used to find it hard to even wait a day between posts but lately I’ve felt so uninspired to update this space. I’m sure a lot of bloggers go through the same thing, where you think “What’s the point? There’s so many other blogs, no one will miss this!”. And that’s when you know your whole motivation for blogging has changed. To feel lazy or busy or demotivated is one thing but to stop doing something because it doesn’t compare to another is the wrong way to look at something.

I used to adore blogging, it was sometimes the most enjoyable part of my day. I’d spend ages just traipsing through blog posts and commenting on various posts, but now I’m working full time it’s all taken a back seat. I still shop all the time, I still watch hauls and reviews, I still read a few blog posts here and there but I just find no time at all to sit down and type out a blog post.

I’m planning to change this. I need to shift the focus of my blog from fashion&beauty to lifestyle. I have some exciting post ideas coming up to do with technology which I think will be interesting! I love gadgets and I think it’s always good to read it from a girl’s point of view. I also want to do more outfit posts and my favourite recent purchases posts. To be quite honest, I shop so much that doing those posts would be ridiculous probably! YouTube was always a potential for me but I’m too scared to take the jump. I want to focus on this space for a while before I leap in.

If any of you are still reading my blog then THANK YOU. You have no idea how much it means to me 🙂 Stay tuned for more!

  • I totally understand Shabna! My blog really suffered when I started full-time work and even now, four years later, it’s always the first thing to take a back seat when real life gets hectic. The trick is definitely not to force it – a moment will come when you’ll really want to get back into it, it comes in fits and starts with me; some days I’ll write loads and others I’ll close my browser after clicking aimlessly for a few minutes. Whatever you do, I’ll still be reading! x