Some new purchases

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The make-up bag is from Boots

I love babbling on about things I’ve bought, there’s something fun about buying something and sharing your experience with others so they can either buy or avoid. I’m always on a mad shopping streak in September – something about this time of year makes me want to buy a new version of everything! Maybe its nostalgia for school days when you’d buy a new pencil case, new notebooks, new pens and maybe even a new school bag! Well that’s now changed to overpriced make-up items and clothes. C’est la vie 🙂

First is the Anastasia Illuminator in So HollywoodI’ve been watching the hype over the Jaclyn Hill for Becca Highlighters from the sidelines and I was quite tempted to get one. But then I saw the Anastasia ones and I just had to try one. They’re a smidgen cheaper and the photos of the highlight looked better than the Becca ones so I decided to splurge. These give a gorgeous wet-look sheen to the cheeks and I am in luuuuurve. They work best with a really lightweight brush like a fan brush rather than a more dense one.  To go with the highlight I found Stila Convertible Color in Magnolia in TK Maxx. I love these convertible colors, I’ve mentioned that before. Magnolia is very similar to Whirl or Twig lippies by MAC but for the cheeks. Looks fab for autumn. Also in TK Maxx (aka my second home) I found this mini NEOM Sensuous candle which smells divine. It’s the typical floral, lily/jasmine scent that I gravitate towards and it really does fill the room. I still don’t know if I could justify the full price though – I got this one for 7.99 🙂

I find this is the time of year where I love wearing eyeshadows. More layers to clothes = more layers to face? Must be my logic as I seem to pile on the make-up around now. I’ve been loving eyeshadows but they fade by the end of the day which is irritating. So I finally got this hyped product that I’ve heard about for y e a r s, I mean since the beginning of time – the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Yes it’s quite pricey but yes it’s worth the hype. Just get it.

For my hair I’ve been using the Dove Quench Absolute range which has been very moisturising – however if you have fine hair I’d stay away. The conditioner is quite heavy, my hair feels really smooth and silky but also a touch on the greasy side. Maybe I’m not washing it out for long enough but it’s something I’ve noticed 🙁 Nevertheless I’ve really been enjoying it and my hair has been super soft and shiny.

FINALLY I have my phone – the Samsung S6 in Gold Platinum. I really did want the Edge but couldn’t justify the price bump for such a small design feature. I was really close to buying the iPhone 6 but I was missing Android. If you’re someone who likes to customise their phones, have lots of little widgets and fun apps and just play around with their phone in general definitely go for an Android phone. I know there’s a lot of stigma around them being a bit shitty, bad quality, awful cameras etc but I think people have really generalised. The camera on this phone is even better that the iPhone 6 in some situations and I’ve not had any major issues. One thing to look out for – battery life. It’s verrrry poor – however I charge my phone during the day so it’s not too bad. Also it charges in like an hour and a half which is a plus 🙂

UPDATE: I went to Istanbul last week! I have a post coming up with what I bought and what I did – in case any of you are interested in going 🙂

  • Pam Scalfi

    the abh highlighter is gorgeous! Love the ud primer too, so so worth the hype 😉

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • ah that highlighter looks gorgeous! I really want to try a few of the shades – just wish they were a little less expensive! x